Cloud based
EDI/AS2 Service

  • A SaaS EDI/AS2 Station to exchange documents with your trading partners
  • Transform between different formats (e.g. EDI <-> XML/CSV etc)
  • Connect with your internal systems (e.g. REST, SOAP, S/FTP etc)
  • Electronic Invoicing, EDI document Generation & Processing

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Secure & Relaible

Business Data Interchange

Powered by the free and open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) UltraESB AS2Gateway allows small, medium or even large scale organizations to securely trade with larger trading partners requesting secure communication over the AS2 protocol.

  • SaaS - No Hardware or Software to Setup or Purchase
  • Cost based on usage & Starts with a FREE Tier
  • Trade with your Partners in minutes
  • Free Partner Setup & Certificate Generation etc.
  • Electronic Invoicing & Message Translation
  • Perform mediation, transformation, logging, monitoring
  • Deploy your own private Gateway On-Premise