Use Payza for Your Bitcoin and Fiat Currency Payment and Payout Needs


As a leading online payments technology company, Payza’s highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers with convenient and flexible solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide. With full Bitcoin services that function alongside our fiat services, Payza is now a complete online payments solution that lets merchants accept payments and make payouts in both fiat currencies and Bitcoin.

This means that Payza doesn’t only work with fiat currencies, but is also a full-service cryptocurrency processor as well. Merchants that have a Payza account and want to work with Bitcoin don’t need to use one provider for fiat payments and another for Bitcoin, they have everything they need with a single Payza account!

Payza gives you the flexibility of working with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Here are some of the many services Payza offers to our Business members:

  • Flexible payment and payout options: Accept payments and make payouts in Bitcoin and traditional currencies. Payza business members can make payouts in Bitcoin to other Payza members or to external Bitcoin wallets. When receiving payments and making payouts in Bitcoin, you can take advantage of Payza’s lower fees, starting at just 1.2% for accepting Bitcoin payments. If you make Bitcoin payouts, your recipients will enjoy low fees as well, either 1.2% for receiving Bitcoin to their Payza account, or 0.001 BTC for receiving Bitcoin to an external wallet.
  • Powerful APIs: The Payza SendMoney API is a simple interface that allows you to complete a payment without logging in to your Payza account. The Bitcoin SendMoney API takes this one step further – it lets users send bitcoins from your Payza account directly to an external Bitcoin address. These APIs are great for merchants who want to further automate their payout system. For even more automation, the MassPay API allows you to send a batch of payments without having to create and upload a CSV file to your Payza account.
  • Shopping Cart integration and other checkout options: As a leading online payment option, Payza integrates easily with many online shopping carts such as Magento and PrestaShop. If you aren’t using one of these shopping carts, Payza provides merchants with two standalone checkout modules for their online stores, Standard Checkout and In-Page Checkout.
  • Payroll solutions: Many businesses today are turning to payroll cards when paying their employees. This method is especially convenient for companies with employees spread out over several countries. Payroll cards are reloadable prepaid cards onto which an employer loads a worker’s earnings. With Payza, you can use the Payza Card as a payroll card solution.

Merchants are already taking advantage of Payza’s Bitcoin services. These merchants love that they can use Payza when working with both Bitcoin and fiat currency. They also love how Bitcoin transactions through Payza are instant, secure, and simple. On top of all that, the fees are low too — a total win!

Sign up for your Payza Business Account today and be sure to check out the Merchant Setup Guide if you need some guidance.

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