10 Trending Product Ideas You Can Sell Online

Sell Online

Want to start an e-commerce business but aren’t sure what to sell? There are thousands of product options, and narrowing it down can be challenging. From unique fashion accessories to health foods to vaping devices, here are 10 interesting product ideas with a strong upwards curve according to Google Trends.

1. Bow Ties

The fashion industry is always thriving, and men’s fashion is no exception. While ties have always been a classic accessory, bow ties are popping up on dapper dudes everywhere. Give your product an edge by using vintage materials or distinctive styling, like the dashing Slim Line Diamond Point design.

2. Pocket Squares

Following hot on the heels of the bow tie trend, pocket squares are also making a comeback as the newest must-have item on the men’s fashion accessory scene. An added bonus is that with some practice they are a product you can make yourself, thereby reducing your overhead costs and increasing profit.

3. Paleo Bars

The health industry has at least one thing in common with fashion, and that’s trends. One of the bigger trends at the moment is the Paleo diet, a nutritional plan based on the diet of Paleothetic humans. There are countless delicious recipes for Paleo versions of desserts and quick breakfasts on-the-go that can find a target market in health-conscious consumers.

4. Wood Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the quintessentially cool accessory, and with so many plastic or metal frames out there, consumers are looking for the newest styles. Wood is the new customer favorite, with Google Trends showing consistent yearly growth.

5. Wood Watches

Wood continues to be a popular choice for accessories – wood watches have been around for about ten years and interest in this product has steadily increased. There are still opportunities for growth (and opportunities for puns about time being money), although in the last couple of years growth seems to have plateaued slightly.

6. E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are quickly becoming a big business, mentioned everywhere from Reddit chains to Forbes Magazine. Sometimes called a personal or digital vaporizer, an e-cigarette is a self-contained vaping device used to simulate tobacco smoking.

7. E-Liquid

Along with the upward trend for e-cigarettes, the liquid refills used in e-cigarettes are also (logically) seeing consistent growth. With some research you may be able to make your own unique blend of the liquid refill used in e-cigarettes, which makes this a great business opportunity.

8. Leggings

A perfect blend of comfort and fashion, leggings are a product with a strong demand, showing considerable growth over the last couple of years. From leather to bold prints to organic cotton, there’s a style for every personality and every budget.

9. Coconut Oil

Pinterest is always a great tool for gauging trends in consumer interest, and there are thousands of Pins showing how coconut oil can be used in body scrubs, lip balms, deep conditioner and dozens of other health and body products.

10. Matcha Powder

Specialized tea products have seen a steady rise alongside the demand for gourmet coffee, and matcha, the finely milled green tea that is considered an integral part of Japanese culture, has spread to fans all over the world. Used as an ingredient in everything from classic tea beverages to delicate chocolate desserts, matcha is a hit with online shoppers.

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